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Inspiring Leadership programme

Athene offers a six-month, tailored programme for determined, results-driven executives.

It’s ideal for you if you are high-performing, motivated, goal-oriented and task-focused. It’s perfect if you pride yourself on delivering great results – but you face challenges and frustrations with leading less motivated, less goal-focused team-members.

We can help you to engage, motivate, and inspire your team – so that morale, retention and business performance don’t suffer.

The programme includes:

  • 1:1 coaching (10 hours in total)
  • a package of bite-sized resources.

It can help you have greater impact through your leadership, so you can inspire and motivate your team to achieve outstanding business results.

1:1 Leadership coaching

Athene can empower you to:

  • Understand your leadership strengths, priorities and blind-spots, so you can build on solid foundations
  • Enhance your strengths and establish the most effective leadership habits, so you can reach your full potential
  • Engage your team to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Optimise your work relationships with colleagues with diverse personalities and perspectives – including those who think and act differently from you
  • Identify what motivates your team-members, so you can optimise the way you lead them and build on their strengths and talents
  • Develop the binocular vision that’s required to see threats and opportunities on the horizon
  • Expand your leadership impact so you can succeed in different situations and contexts
  • Flourish in the next stage of your career.

1:1 Transformational coaching

Athene can enable you to:

  • Identify and understand your inner purpose, values and priorities
  • Clarify your mission and reprioritise your goals
  • Cultivate new, deep insights into your motivations and potential
  • Uplift your mental and emotional energy levels, and those around you
  • Break through mental and emotional blocks to success, including limiting beliefs and assumptions, so as to improve performance
  • Transform your self-perceptions and have greater confidence in your talents
  • Create sustainable, long-term improvements to your life and career
  • Open up infinite opportunities for growth and transformation.

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